Keri Berry 4K Anal Space Adventure Wormhole (

Keri Berry 4K Anal Space Adventure Wormhole Preview

A Very Berry Film Suspend your perception of facts and have a little fun with me! Clip features: 4k resolution, full sound effects, custom overlays/text and transitions. TOYS: 36 ¼” Shokushu, 5″ Plastic Channel Plug, 4″ Glass Plug |||| Exploring an uncharted area of the Callipygian Belt our crew stumbles upon a mysterious worm that must be studied! I, as your new cadet, have brought along my amazing new space dress, the reason you enlisted me to your crew! It allows me to float among the stars unharmed, able to study structures and possible life forms in the vacuum of open space. I venture out to collect data with my gadgets– and after getting very little data with conventional methods, I try some techniques of my own with a more experimental appraoch. ||||| This video is made in honor of someone who helped me when they didn’t have to, and was very patient with me while I was very ill during the winter and spring. All my fans mean the world to me, but some of you– are more special than you know. ANAL | ALIENS & MONSTERS | SCI FI | SCIENCE | SPACE | ASMR | SOUND | GLASS PLUG | TUNNEL PLUG | CHANNEL PLUG | ASS SNAKE | SHOKUSHU | FANTASY | PROPS

0:20:00 | 4096×2160 | mp4 | 1031Mb


Keri Berry 4K Anal Space Adventure Wormhole Preview

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